About Us

Welcome to K-Town!

K-Town is a locally owned and operated business; we are focused on the online retail collectible toy industry. We operate through our online website and social media accounts where we strive to provide a wide selection of quality and reasonably priced toys and collectibles to our community. We want to deliver generations of fun for everyone.

K-Town is established with the idea that toys are for everyone from child to adult and from the occasional nostalgic purchase to the hardcore collector.

We are constantly working on cultivating relationships with our wholesalers and manufacturers to provide authentic products at the fairest possible price for Kuwait and hopefully the GCC. We want to be your go-to online store for all your collectible Figurines, action figures and favorite collectibles and make sure you can always find what you want.

Meet our Team

Sohaib (The Kingpin)

Our founder. When he is not playing with toys in our stockroom or talking to himself, he is handling all our import, logistics, and relationships with wholesalers.

Fadhel (The Count)

Our Controller, miracles, and superhuman acts of sifting through large amounts of questionable information obtained from lesser mortals to manage our risks and find opportunities.

Khalaf (Kay)

A Master of Technology and the reason our systems run, Kay has many jobs and no title because full-time multitasking ninja was not a job title we could give him.

Yasmeen (Potato) SM manager

Handles all our social media accounts and social media calendar. Can usually be seen eating some kind of potato products.

Tanya (Snoopy) CS Manager

Her job is like riding a bike! If the bike was on fire and had no brakes! She handles our back-office, payments, and fulfillment.

Bella A.K.A. (Bella Chan)

Our resident K-Town Mascot